Bimetallic Strips (Christmas Lights)

There are many methods to blinking Christmas lights. One is the crude method, which involves installation of a special blinker bulb: The metallic piece (as shown in the picture) is a bimetallic strip.… Continue reading

Bimetallic strips in fire alarms

Bimetallic strips are used in fire alarms. When a bimetallic strip, commonly made of iron and brass  is heated, both metals expand differently, causing the bimetallic strip to bend. Thus, when a fire… Continue reading

Videos and explanations on how bimetallic strip works.

This is a video of how actually a fire alarm works Enjoy 😀 This video actually shows how a fire alarm is activated.The bimetallic strip has the brass on top and the… Continue reading

Bimetallic strip used in an infinite switch

What is a bimetallic strip? A bimetallic strip is a temperature-sensitive electrical contact, consisting of two bands of different metals joined face to face along their lengths. When heated or cooled, the metals… Continue reading

Bimetallic strip in action

This are videos of how a bimetallic strip bends. When it is heated over a bunsen burner it bends, and when cooled by being dipped into water, it becomes straight again. This is… Continue reading

Bimetallic Strip as a thermostat

This is a picture of a bimetallic strip in an oven. The metal which expands more is located nearer to the cycling contacts as when the heat in the oven gets too hot,… Continue reading

Thermostat bimetallic strip

Thermostat is a device which is used to maintain a desirable temperature in a system like refrigerator, air-conditioner, iron and in a number of devices. A bimetallic thermostat device consists of a strip… Continue reading

The Electric Iron

Electric Iron Ever wondered how an electric iron works? Inside the iron are two thin strips of different metals (brass and steel)  welded , rivet or brazed together to make what is called a… Continue reading

Bimetallic strips under hot and cold temperatures

Bimetallic strips are made up of two metals placed back to back. As the two metals have different rates of expansion, the bimetallic strip will bend inwards or outwards, depending on the temperature… Continue reading

Videos and explanations on bimetallic strips

This is a video on how bimetallic strips bend. Hope you enjoy it. 😀  Bimetallic strips bend because metals with different properties are used in a single strip. Since their properties are… Continue reading