Aerogels are amazing substances! They are synthetic materials that have extremely low density and thermal conductivity.  Because of the way they look, they are also known as “frozen smoke” or “solid air”. Although… Continue reading

Higgs Boson-like particle discovered

Big news yesterday from the world of Physics (see the article here). It’s not an easy topic to understand (I don’t really understand it either)! But for a long time, physicists have hypothesized… Continue reading

Circuit of Solar Panel

When the bimetallic strip gains heat from the sunlight, it bends. When it bends, it touches the green contact and gain heat from the solar panel. When it touches the green contact, there will be something… Continue reading

Solar panel Circuit

Solar panel Circuit

this is our drawing of the solar panel circuit by Kelly,Aini ,Rifdil,Vannesa Chua and Adnan

Solar panel circuit

this is a drawing of the solar panel circuit with bimetallic strip. by: Wan Qing, Leston, Natalie, Sriya

Circuit of the solar panel

                This is the drawing of the circuit for the solar panel. 🙂 – Ming Jie, Liyana J., Hui Kun and Xin Yang

Circuit with bimetallic strip with solar panel

By Chester, Sinxu, Vanessa.

How fire alarm works.

This is a video of how actually a fire alarm works. This video actually shows how a fire alarm is activated.The bimetallic strip has the brass on top and the iron below.… Continue reading

Bimetallic strip in Clocks

Clocks Mechanical clock mechanisms are sensitive to temperature changes which lead to errors in time keeping. A bimetallic strip is used to compensate for this in some mechanisms. The most common method is… Continue reading

Bimetallic strip used in a solar panel.

A student’s innovative use of a bimetallic strip Check out this post about a student who invented an innovative way for solar panels to track the sun, changing the lives of… Continue reading